LCCTC Informed of Confirmed Case of Covid-19

September 3, 2020
Posted in: Covid News

The Lancaster County Career & Technology Center has been informed that one of our students has a confirmed diagnosis of Covid-19.  We have followed the appropriate requirements that are in place for this eventuality.

The LCCTC has informed the PA Department of Health (DOH) of the incident and provided the necessary information.   The infected student and those in close contact are now under quarantine for 14 days.  The appropriate districts and families have been contacted.  Classrooms and common areas that the students spent time in have received a deep cleaning and disinfecting.

Given the scope of the pandemic and its progress in Lancaster County, it is reasonable to assume that eventually one of the LCCTC’s students or staff members would present with a confirmed diagnosis.  We trust that each member of our community is doing all he or she can to combat the pandemic.

The health and safety measures that the LCCTC and our 16 district partners across the county have established are our students’ best defense against exposure to the coronavirus.  These measures work double duty both to slow the emergence of infection for a time and also to mitigate its spread once discovered.

Another key piece to the Health and Safety Plan is self-evaluation and reporting.  We rely on our students’ and families’ active participation with self-evaluating each day to determine if a student is currently healthy and able to attend classes.  Additionally, we appreciate the prompt notification from the affected student’s family regarding the diagnosis.  That notification allows us to take appropriate action as soon as possible.

We sincerely hope that the ill student gets well and that the exposure to the community is limited.  The LCCTC will remain vigilant in addressing any instances of illness in the coming weeks and months.  For any building-level inquiries, please contact your appropriate building principal.

Thank you and be safe.

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