LCCTC Identifies Unauthorized Data Breach

September 18, 2023
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A Message from the Administrative Director:

This summer, the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center underwent a significant overhaul of our IT system, including installing a new firewall and implementing required User Awareness Training for our faculty and staff.

On September 12th 2023 our security vendor notified us of a data breach in the payroll email box. Following an investigation by our security vendor, our IT and Business departments, it has been determined that the data breach was contained within this single e-mail account.

This compromise will not affect our payroll schedule, however, any personal information sent by staff to and from this email account may have been exposed. We are continuing to investigate this matter to determine what, if any, personal information may have impacted in partnership with our IT security vendor, our insurance carrier, our legal team and we are notifying the authorities. We cannot stress enough the importance of security in today’s digital age. Protecting our staff and students’ personal data is of our utmost concern, and we are currently working with our cyber insurance vendor to provide access to the appropriate services for those individuals whose information may have been compromised.

While the improvements to our digital systems implemented over the summer have allowed us to identify weaknesses and provide a higher level of security throughout our campuses, we must all stay vigilant against potential threats. We encourage all of our faculty and staff to complete the “User Awareness” Training by Oct 4, 2023 and follow their best practices when choosing passwords or setting up multi-factor authentication.

More information will be forthcoming regarding access to data protection services as we work to identify those individuals affected by the potential exposure.

Stuart Savin

Administrative Director
Lancaster County Career & Technical Center

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