LCCT Foundation Celebrates 20 Years with Ribbon Cutting

On Wednesday August 16, the Lancaster County Career and Technology Foundation celebrated the purchase of an automatic truck for the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center’s CDL program at the Mount Joy Campus. This ceremony was part of its 20th anniversary celebration of its support of the LCCTC.

The Lancaster County Career and Technical Foundation was formed in 2003 with the mission to ensure the Lancaster County Career and Technology Center has the materials, equipment and funding to provide the best in career training for high school and adult students.

Over the last 20 years, it has raised $7 million dollars to support the programs and students of the LCCTC including:

  • $34,000 annually awarded in scholarships for LCCTC students attending post-secondary education
  • $20,000 annually awarded in Workforce Grants for directly entering the workforce following the LCCTC. These funds help to provide tools and uniforms needed to start their career.
  • $10,000 annually provided in financial assistance for LCCTC students in need of uniforms, tools, and certifications
  • $3.5 million raised through EITC contributions
  • Over $100,000 raised annually though Fly on the Run to support the initiatives of the LCCTF
  • In the past seven years, $815,000 awarded in Teacher Innovation Grants to enhance equipment and technology in a variety of programs across all four campuses

Thomas Goehrig, Program Director, CDL Training and License Center with the new Automatic Truck

Beyond this support, the LCCTF also raised money to support its Workforce Talent program, designed to recruit, educate and place adults into high-demand, skilled positions.  Adults who are unemployed or underemployed are able to apply for tuition assistance in the CTC’s 10-week Basic Welding program and its 4-week CDL program.

Since 2017, the LCCTF has been able to raise $1.1 million dollars to provide tuition assistance for 111 welding students and 92 CDL students.

Not only do dollars raised support tuition assistance but they also allow us to purchase new equipment for these programs including an automatic truck for the CDL program.  In partnership with the CTC and Hunter Trucks in Lancaster, we have been able to add this truck to the fleet of CDL training vehicles for the CTC.

The LCCTF and the LCCTC work collaboratively to develop innovative programs to provide quality career and technical education and to grow the pipeline of workers for a wide variety of industries.

LCCTF Board of Directors (left to right): Phil Rohrbaugh, Darryl Gordon, Benjamin Pratt, King Knox, Jaime Morrison, Jennifer Baker (LCCTF Executive Director), Tom Kifolo and Eric Blow

“We at Lancaster CTC are fortunate to have such a fantastic foundation. For 20 years, thanks to the

LCCTF, countless students have been supported as they transition into the regional workforce” says Dr. Stuart Savin, Administrative Director of the LCCTC.

To find out more about LCCTF Workforce Talent grants for CDL and Basic Welding programs and how to apply, contact:

  • Deb Dieugenio, CDL, Adult Ed Administrative Assistant, (717) 653-3003
  • Jackie Hoffman, Welding, Adult Ed Administrative Assistant, (717)653-3000 x.3091

Workforce Talent sponsors include the following:

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