June 5 – Weekly Adult Education Update

June 5, 2020
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June 5, 2020

To the Intergenerational and Adult Education of the Lancaster County CTC,

Developing issues this week include information and guidance that was released by the state which has spurred renewed action toward plans to reopen our campuses to in-person instruction; financial planning sessions can show you that you can afford the classes that can change your life; and there are still grant funds available to adult education students in qualifying programs.  See the details on all of this below.

The most current information will be posted on the LCCTC website at www.lancasterctc.edu/news.

Adult Education Program Updates/Reminders for June 5

Recent Adult Education Reopening and PDE Requirements

On Wednesday, the state Department of Education released information and instructions for educational institutions to follow in order to reopen for in-person instruction.  These instructions, based on Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines, shape the statewide, limited reopening of in-person instruction as counties move to the “yellow” phase of the state shutdown.

The LCCTC has been developing plans for some time in preparation to reopen for in-person instruction when the state permitted it.  We now need to make adjustments to those existing plans so that we conform to the new state requirements.

Some of our adult classes reopened with virtual instruction several weeks ago.  These programs will be reformatted wherever possible so that we may return to in-person instruction while following the state requirements.

Details will be shared with the community as they develop.  The state also mandates that educational institutions “create their own Health and Safety Plan, or its equivalent, and make that plan available to the public before proceeding to resume in-person instruction, operations, services, and activities.”  The LCCTC will make this Health and Safety Plan available to the public as soon as possible.  Please watch for future details.

CDL Testing and Non-Commercial Drivers’ License Center Testing to Reopen Next Week

CDL testing services at our Mount Joy Campus and driver’s exams at our non-commercial Driver’s License Testing Center at our Brownstown Campus will resume starting next week.  These exam services do not fall under the same state requirements as instructional programs and may reopen now that PennDOT has resumed operations.

Individuals who had tests scheduled during the shutdown are being called to reschedule their tests.  Anyone seeking to schedule a CDL test should call Deb Dieugenio at (717) 653-3003.  If you want to schedule a test for your non-commercial driver’s license, please call Marian Mercado at 717-859-5102.

Furthering Your Education is Within Your Reach

Sometimes people say ‘no’ to furthering their education and count themselves out because they believe the cost of education is out of their reach.  Other times they count themselves out because they believe the debt they may incur will be way too high.  If you’re someone who has a strong desire to learn a new trade, but feels that it’s unattainable due to cost or debt, then you need to attend one of our upcoming online financial planning sessions to find out just how affordable education is at the LCCTC.

Join us at our next online financial planning session to learn about federal, state and local financial aid options that help offset the cost of training, as well as, financing options that are offered directly through the school, and more!

Register early at www.LancasterCTC.edu so you can be financially prepared to begin training!  And remember, we must all continue to work together to keep us moving toward GREEN.  Please continue to practice appropriate social distancing and good hand hygiene at all times.  We all want to return to pre-COVID 19 conditions sooner rather than later.  Be safe out there!

Click here to register early at Lancasterctc.edu so you can be financially prepared to begin training! 

Reminder – CARES Act Grant Funds Available to Post-Secondary Students in Certain Programs

Checks from the CARES Act Grant will be mailed to approved students during the next several days.  These grant checks are free money to eligible Adult Education students who have experienced financial hardship due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Details about the grant and a list of the eligible programs is below.  If you are an Adult Education student in one of the listed classes, you may be eligible to receive these funds BUT YOU MUST APPLY.

Post-Secondary Students Awarded: 147         Total Award Dollars Allocated: $164,650
Average Award per Student: $1,120.07           Money Left to Award: $89,400

Students who receive grant funds can use them for food, housing, course materials, technology, health care, and child care. This grant is time-sensitive, so be sure to apply soon.

UPDATE – October 5, 2020 – The LCCTC has reached our limit regarding this grant and it will no longer be awarded.

Summer Online Resources

Entering summer does not mean that we are leaving the pandemic behind.  The LCCTC, IU13, and other agencies have information and access to resources about mental health and wellbeing, food access, internet access, and more.  Visit the LCCTC’s  Covid-19 Resource webpage for any of this helpful information.  If you feel that you need help, please reach out to your campus counselors or check out the online resources.  Don’t think that you’re alone!  Help is here if you need it.

If you have any questions about your program at the LCCTC, please ask your instructor.

Thank you and be safe.

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