High School Programs & Possible Federal Vaccination Mandate

So many times throughout the pandemic, the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center has sent messages to its students and families with information on some regulation that was enacted by authorities and was causing changes to our procedures.  We want to stress that this particular message is not about something that has happened but it is an effort to share what may happen in the coming weeks.

Overtures are being made at the federal level about a mandate for staff vaccinations in large workplaces and healthcare settings.  Such a federal-level order could roll out in ways that would be difficult to anticipate.  We want our students and parents to understand that the LCCTC cannot predict how local businesses and industry might react to such a mandate.  A federal vaccination mandate could affect our students in the cooperative education program, externships, job shadowing, clinicals, and other programs that occur off CTC campuses.

CTC students in these programs must comply with the rules and procedures of the partnering business.  If employers of certain sizes and industries become required to have their staff members vaccinated, that could disqualify unvaccinated CTC students from working at their locations.  Given that clinical and externship experience is required for some CTC programs to offer certain certifications, then restrictions on unvaccinated students working with partnering businesses could affect those certifications.  The Lancaster County CTC will do our best to work with local employers to continue to offer the externships, cooperative education, and clinical experiences that we have in the past, but we cannot guarantee such opportunities will be available.

Please remember that this is all speculation at this point.  When we have a better handle on the specifics of the federal vaccination mandate and how it will affect our students and LCCTC programs, we will let you know as soon as possible.

Thank you and be safe.

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