Gas Leaks at Health Sciences Building Repaired

April 26, 2021
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Two gas leaks in the classroom building on the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center’s Health Sciences Campus were identified and repaired last week.  Students remained off campus, taking classes virtually during this time.  Following the repairs conducted overnight on April 20, authorities confirmed that the building is safe for students or staff.  Students and staff have returned to in-person classes in the building.

Practical Nursing students and staff first reported smelling gas on the last week of March.  The building was evacuated and students took virtual classes during that week.  UGI Utilities investigated throughout the building and found no issues.  Students returned to classes on March 29.  During this time, one student reported themself to the emergency room and followed up with their family doctor.  No other health issues involving students or staff relating to the gas leaks have been reported to date.

Additional instances of smelling gas were reported a week later.  On April 9, students and staff again evacuated the building and classes were conducted virtually.  UGI and the local fire company found nothing following investigation.  EHC Associates, an independent consultant, conducted an air quality examination and “found no substantial atmospheric contaminants or air quality problems.”

Further investigation by LCCTC facilities personnel ultimately identified two gas leaks related to the HVAC system and repairs were made.  Authorities have approved the building for use and students have returned to in-person classes.

After each report of gas, the LCCTC immediately took every precaution necessary to address the situation and keep students and staff safe.  The LCCTC is confident that the repairs that were made will remedy the issue but we will continue to monitor the overall state of the Health Sciences building to assure that the building remains safe.

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