CTC Health Sciences Campus Closes for Two Days

October 29, 2020

The Health Sciences Campus of the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center is closed today, October 29, and tomorrow, October 30.  Only the Health Sciences Campus is affected at this time.  The Lancaster County CTC received word overnight of one student with a confirmed case of COVID-19 and one staff member currently being tested for COVID.

In an abundance of caution and conforming to the organization’s Health and Safety Plan, the Lancaster County CTC has closed the Health Sciences Campus while we determine further courses of action.  All of the campus’ students have been informed of the closure.  The affected individuals are in quarantine and contact tracing is currently being conducted.  Individuals determined by contact tracing to be close contacts of the affected individuals will be contacted directly by CTC staff.  The CTC’s Health Sciences Campus is home to the Center’s Practical Nursing Program.

The Lancaster County CTC encourages everyone to maintain good hand washing hygiene, social distance, mask wearing, and to limit social interactions.  We ask all staff and students to continue to conduct daily self-evaluations for symptoms of infection and remain at home if you determine that you are potentially infectious.

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