Changes to Certificates & Awards Ceremonies Due to Inclement Weather

With thunderstorms predicted throughout the span of the planned Certificates and Awards ceremonies this evening, the CTC must change its plans for the programming at its campuses.  Each campus is holding their event slightly differently and students in the affected programs are being informed about the changes.

Willow Street Campus

The ceremonies at the Willow Street CTC will continue this evening as a drive-through event.  Holding the ceremonies indoors safely is not an option given the numbers of people that had been expected.

Students and families in the Willow Street programs may come to the school in one car and approach the bus dock in the back of the building. Once under the dock, staff and instructors will present the student’s certificate while the student remains in the vehicle.

Mount Joy and Brownstown Campuses

The Mount Joy and Brownstown campuses will move their smaller ceremonies indoors and follow appropriate safety protocols for social distancing.  Masks are required for all attendees, students, and staff.  CTC students attending this evening are being informed about the change in format for the event.

We regret that the elements have forced these changes but we remain committed to the safety of our staff and students while still providing what will hopefully be a memorable experience.

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