April 26 – Secondary Education Weekly Update

April 26, 2020
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April 26, 2020

To the Secondary Students of the Lancaster County CTC,

Secondary programs at the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center are proceeding online wherever possible.  We will be posting regular updates on Adult Education programs to the LCCTC website at www.lancasterctc.edu/news .

Secondary Program and Campus Updates for April 26

The LCCTC has been conducting inventory of perishable food at the campuses.  Food appropriate to donate has been compiled this week and given over to Donegal, Penn Manor, Lampeter-Starsburg, and Warwick School Districts.  The donated food will assist these districts in providing daily meals to their students and families in need.

Cafeteria account refunds were mailed on Wednesday, April 22.  Students can expect to receive them in the mail soon.

Plans and dates are being developed to specify the end of the school year; opportunities for students to return to the campuses to collect belongings and turn in tools, equipment, and electronics; and alternatives to a formal Certificates and Awards ceremony.  Once the plans are fully in place and the details have been worked out, we will communicate them to the community.  We hope to have the plans in place soon.

Brownstown Campus

  • Several students have contacted Brownstown staff members to inquire about returning to work to the places where they were employed through the Cooperative Education program. Several of these businesses are now asking the students to return to work with them permanently. While cooperative education is not currently running, such inquiries from local businesses is a reflection of the value our students have as employees and the immediate contributions they make to the local workforce.
  • Despite no access to the actual equipment, students in the Heavy Equipment Operations program are using operator’s manuals for new machines to learn how to service and operate new pieces of equipment. Skills they have learned on other equipment is somewhat transferrable and helps students identify the differences in the procedures required to safely operate the machines. This is a great example of taking previously learned information and skills and applying it to new situations.

Mount Joy Campus

  • Doug Stevens, Introduction to Manufacturing Instructor at Mount Joy, is recording interviews of the Manufacturing Center instructors using questions suggested by his Intro to Manufacturing students. The videos will profile the Center instructors, offer a bit of background, and convey advice on how to prepare for the coming school year.  Doug says that he hopes this project will offer a way for the Intro students to be engaged and can help the Manufacturing Center instructors set the tone for the coming year.

Willow Street Campus

  • The LCCTC is on target to receive official accreditation from the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) for Automotive Technology in the fall. NATEF reviews training programs and evaluates them compared to industry-recognized standards of excellence.

If you have any questions about your program at the LCCTC, please ask your instructor.

Thank you and be safe.

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