2023 SkillsUSA District Competitions Results

On December 19th & 20th, over 70 students from our LCCTC campuses traveled to Reading -Muhlenberg CTC to compete in the Pennsylvania District SkillsUSA Competitions! Of those students, 52 placed, and 24 will head to the State Competition in Hershey, PA, in April!

Thank you to our dedicated LCCTC SkillsUSA Faculty Advisors who were with our students every step of the way: Dave Ecenrode, Brandon Green, Melody Miller, Brian Myers, Jim Smith & Rachel Sprecher.
Congratulations to our students on their outstanding performances. We can’t wait to cheer you on in April!

See a complete list below of students who placed in competition. 


First Place Winners:

Hallie Adams, Adult – Dental (Post-Secondary)
Olivia Armstrong, Conestoga Valley – Extemporaneous Speaking
Brandon Balbuena-Rincon, SDoL – First Aid/CPR
Carson Brubaker, Warwick – Welding Fabrication (team of 3)
Carter Buttes, Warwick -Carpentry
Aaron Cash, Warwick – Welding
Cheston Chapman, Solanco – Sheet Metal
Alexandra Doster, Cocalico – Cake Decorating (team of 2)
Samantha Fawcett, Penn Manor – Medical Assistant
Cheyenne Helmick, Hempfield – Basic Health Care
Andrew Herman, Manheim Twp. – Cake Decorating (team of 2)
Micah Hoffman, Hempfield – Fire Fighting
Evelyn Holden, Donegal – Culinary Arts
Jadin Horn, Elizabethtown – EMT
Ryan Hottenstein, Elizabethtown – Welding Fabrication (team of 3)
Madison Johns, Elizabethtown – Health Knowledge Bowl (team of 4)
Erin Groff, Adult – CTE Demonstration (Dental)
Matthew Groff, Conestoga Valley – Welding Fabrication (team of 3)
Ellie Martin, Lampeter-Strasburg – Dental (High School)
Madison Melnick, Manheim Central – Health Knowledge Bowl (team of 4)
Jacob Miller, Elizabethtown – Health Knowledge Bowl (team of 4)
Evan Oberholtzer, Cocalico – T-shirt Design
Kayla Phillips, Penn Manor – Action Skills (Vet Assistant)
Jaziel Rodriguez, Cocalico – Job Skills A
Janelle Schaeffer, Elizabethtown – Health Knowledge Bowl (team of 4)
Maegan Shoultz, Warwick – EMT (team of 2)

Second Place Winners:

Gabby Barbosa, Warwick – Job Interview
Brayden Beck, Manheim Twp – Cabinetry
Hunter Dearolf, Penn Manor – HVAC
Laurent Duvert, Ephrata – Ind. Motor Control
Gavin Gringnon, Manheim Twp. – Building Construction
Madelyn Houck, Penn Manor – Extemporaneous Speaking
Kenneth (Ezra) Hubik, Elanco- CNC Milling/Precision Machine
Domanic Mays, Hempfied – Architectural Drafting
Achilles Powers, Elizabethtown – Plumbing
Natalee Ruiz, Manheim Twp. – Prepared Speech
Calvin Thomas, Manheim Twp. – Web Design (team of 2)
Anthony Zerebilov, Manheim Twp. – Web Design (team of 2)

Third Place Winners: 

Edward Alexander, Penn Manor – Crime Scene – Protective Services (team of 3)
Jordan Curran, Ephrata – Nursing Assistant 
Cory Hackman, Ephrata – Motorcycle Service Tech
Sarah Hensley, Ephrata – Cake Decorating (team of 2)
Hope Horn, Homeschool – Cake Decorating (team of 2)
Jayven Keys, Lampeter-Strasburg – Welding
Dylan Kohl, Cocalico – Auto Refinishing 
Aaliyanna Labarrier, Conestoga Valley – Job Skill Demonstration A
Jayden Nye, Manheim Twp. – Collision Repair
AylaMojica, Hempfield – Commercial Art
Gavin Newswanger, Ephrata – EPH Electrical
Evan Peters, Warwick – Criminal Justice
Erika Sanchez, SDoL – Crime Scene – Protective Services (team of 3)
Mason Tippett, Hempfield – Crime Scene – Protective Services (team of 3)
Adam Wagner, Manheim Central – Carpentry

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