Deep Clean/Hybrid Instruction/Virtual Instruction Options for LCCTC

August 31, 2020
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To the Lancaster County Career & Technology Students and Families,

The LCCTC is a hand-on learning institution.  Our Joint Operating Committee chose to open for in-person classes because they believe in hands-on instruction.  We are working constantly to maintain as safe an environment for our students and staff as possible.  However, throughout the pandemic, the Lancaster County Career & Technology Center has learned that change comes swiftly and usually without warning.  We have no plans to change instructional format right now.  However, we want to make sure that the community is informed of what may happen if find ourselves needing to move to a different instructional model or perform a deep clean due to COVID infection.

We want to stress again that we have no plans to change our instructional method at this time.  Our students are still coming to school, in-person, each school day.  This letter is only intended to provide LCCTC families with information about how our campuses would function under a hybrid or virtual instructional model if we need it in the future.

Should we need to move to a different mode of instruction, the LCCTC would alert all students and families, LCCTC staff, and sending school districts via all communication pathways – One Call voice calls, email, social media, and website alerts.

Possible Scenarios

LCCTC’s Deep Clean:

  • In case of limited exposure, the LCCTC might close for up to three days in order to conduct a deep clean of facilities. If this occurs, we will follow the CTC’s adverse weather protocol and the missed days will be made up during the school year.

LCCTC’s Hybrid instruction model:

  • Day 1 – No school for students. Faculty will have that day to prepare for online instruction.
  • Instruction is delivered in both online and in-person formats via an alternating schedule in order to reduce the number of individuals present in the buildings, classrooms, and buses.
  • Students will be divided as follows: (Students with hyphenated last names should use the first name in the hyphenated last name.)
    • Group A – Last Names A through L
    • Group B – Last Names M through Z
  • Full-Day and Half-Day students will be sorted into one of two groups and attend according to the Hybrid schedule
    • Group A attends in-person classes on Mondays and Thursdays and has online activities Tuesdays and Fridays.
    • Group B attends in-person classes on Tuesdays and Fridays and has online activities on Mondays and Thursdays.
    • Wednesdays will consist of online learning activities for both Groups A and B.
  • Health and Safety Plan protocols will continue to be in place during Hybrid Instruction.

Hybrid Instruction Model Schedule

LCCTC’s Virtual instruction model:

  • Day 1 and 2 – No school for students. Faculty will have two in-service days to prepare for online instruction.
  • Day 3 – Students should log onto the Canvas Learning Management Systems and get further instructions from their instructors.
  • Day 4 and beyond – Students and faculty will continue to follow the online curricula until further notice from the LCCTC.

The first days of our new school year have passed as smoothly as we could hope.  The students are settling into their routines amid the school’s rigorous health and safety protocols.  The full‐time, in‐person start to the school year may have provided an anchor for families to plan for the fall, but we must remember that we remain in a fluid situation.  We must all be prepared for a swift change to instruction if circumstances demand it.  We hope this information helps your family plan for the school year.

I hope that you all have a smooth and educational start to the school year!

Dr. Stuart Savin
Administrative Director
Lancaster County Career & Technology Center

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